Present & Future Concerns as from 2004 ~ 2007

  • Keeping on the enhancement and promotion of the company position and stability, both practically and financially.

  • Developing the customer service criteria.
  • Coordinating with various bodies and authorities towards regulating and promoting the translation activities and capabilities.
  • Creating new generation concerned in translation, and having them qualified as translators
  • and interpreters through supplying them with most efficient training in Palestine, mainly.
  • Having very distinctive network of services and capabilities for all those who are in need in
  • Palestine as part of our business era.
  • Studying the issue of transferring into creating that very featuring partnership containing all those concerned and seeking for distinction, promotion, and advancement.
  • Enhancing awareness and total knowledge of translation as a profession and business issue, due to the importance of translation in our community.
  • Seeking eagerly to bring in hand all introductions of services that suit the community sectors and complying with their needs and requirements.


    New thoughts, ideas and conceptions may appear and come to mind and become part of discussion and perusal.

    This project needs employment of all those faithful but loyal efforts to reach the target.

    As the poet says:
    Whoever has no nation .... He or she will have no grave in land!!!

    Let�s bring this project to life, make it our own nation, practicing all kinds of freedom, promotion, creation success and achievement,exercising also the very particular human rights in orientalism and enlightenment,
    through our dear and sincere efforts towards the real quality.
    We live now in an electronic world, then why not join and tend to reach the superiority. Why not then to the moon!! This is our dream .... Let�s make it a brightening reality!!!!!!!!! This idea and study is the pulse, brain and creation of Dr. Imad Al-Kilani