Our Company Leader Participants

  • Dr. Imad Al-Kilani - Palestinian national, holder of BA Degree in English Language & Literature from Yarmuk University in Jordan , 1986-1987, and a MA in Translation from BATH University in UK 1994. Currently, he is subject to a Ph.D. dissertation in Translation & Interpretation Comparative Techniques Chelsea University UK.

    His Experience lasts for more than 18 years in various types of translation - legal, ordinary and is also fully qualified in simultaneous and consecutive translation proved through his multi-national and dimensional conferences and meetings which he translated simultaneously in UAE and outside.

    Holder of No.(1) Certificate as the first legal translator in Palestine 2004.

    Selected among the 100 all over the world by "WHO'S WHO" International Professionals- 2000. He is holding the position of the Legal duly sworn translator from English and Arabic, vise versa, authorized from the and by the Ministry of Justice in UAE & Palestine Courts.

    Organized & conducted conference translations and interpretations for certain international conferences:

  • A highly qualified and well-trained and experienced team of translators who work inside and on free lance basis with Al-Kilani.

    The team varies from those experienced in written texts into also inter- personal and conference interpretation experiences.

  • Almost all international live languages are performed at our firm starting and varying from Arabic into English & vs., German, Swedish, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Persian, Urdo, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Bulgarian, Hungarian, & others.

  • Our company will not deal with any translator who does not have a minimum limit of years of experience ranging from 5~30 years as field proved experiences in all fields of knowledge and walk of life.

  • All translations other than English/Arabic are duly authorized by the Consulates and Embassies in the UAE and Palestine. We are the leaders in French and authorized and also authenticated by the French Consulate in Dubai, also by the Swedish, the German, the Italian, the Spanish, the Russian, the Persian, and so on.

    All our translations are attested by the Ministry of Justice in Palestine, not only English/Arabic, but also in all other languages such as: German, Italian, Russian, Swidesh, Hebrew and others.