Strategic Tendencies

Providing translation services, ordinary, legal, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, for all those in need of, by the official institutions, such as the Ministries, Departments, government and national, the companies, corporations, firms and establishments, as well as the businessmen and individuals, reaching, in the end to all community sectors.

Using and following highest quality standards in performance during the translation and interpretation process, in addition to the abidance by the highest levels of skill, accuracy, time-obligation, and in latest art work of service required and necessary for our esteemed clients.

Applying newly brought conceptions and policies in translation, actively and effectively, as well as providing our customers with all they need of translations for their documents, studies and books, and their conferences and symposiums.

Setting up fundamentals of prestigious methods of dealing, time and date respect in receiving and handing over the works after having completed them.

Activating the mostly efficient training policy, providing the public and those newly graduated from colleges, institutes and universities of training, utilizing most advanced training techniques supported with tools and translation machinery. All our programs are well-arranged to enable all those who wish to obtain a certificate which will open the path for them to become professional but highly qualified translators and interpreters.

Dealing with and intermingling with various conferences, meetings, international and regional as well as the local exhibitions and shows that are held either in UAE or Palestine, and to act that original but mostly active and impacting role.

Utilizing latest but mostly advanced methods in this profession which requires, mainly, certain particular effort to be exerted, as well as a distinctive knowledge and awareness, and quality performance following the most promoted quality standards of which we are very proud since we are major sponsors of quality locally, regionally and internationally.

Actively participating in the various community services and activities.
Enhancing the principles of partnership between the company and its own employees and those affiliates.

Developing the modern electronic applications in various aspects.