Company Tasks & specialties

  • The company carries out the translation and interpretation of all documents, deeds, studies, books, agreements, contracts, certificates, and all other papers that require translation from and into the most live international languages with which the company deals.

  • Also, the company provides legal duly sworn translation as well as the ordinary translations for all documents and deeds from Arabic and English languages and vise versa, in addition to not less than twelve international languages, such as: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Persian, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Urdo, Hindo, etc., in addition to the capability to provide translation in any language needed for any of our highly esteemed customers, duly to the broaden vision and tight relationships with various international institutions worldwide which provide various translation works in different live languages, whatsoever.

  • The company does also provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for the conferences, meetings, symposiums, and seminars, and such is due to the widely-ranged experience achieved in this regard. We have ourselves performed more 100 international, regional and local conferences, the latest has been the Seventh Holy Quran Signs and Science organized by Dubai Holy Quran International Award held on 22nd of March, 2004, followed then by the Arabic & Islamic Cities and Capitals International Conference organized by Dubai Municipality under the patronage and umbrella of Arab & Islamic Cities Organization, in April 2004, then to Women and Sports Symposium organized by the Youth Leaders Preparation Institute of Dubai, in May 2004.